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3 Video Tips to Reduce Golf Injuries

Golf is an extremely popular sport with almost 950,000 people in the UK playing at least twice each week.

Whilst golf injuries are common, there are exercises and stretches that golfers can perform to help reduce the risk of getting injured.

Freya Gilmore, one of our registered osteopaths, shares three tips to reduce the risk of golf injuries:

1. Stretches for Flexibility

This cat stretch and ‘thread the needle’ exercise are ideal for golfers.

2. ‘Figure of Eight’ for Mobility

This exercise is great for anyone who’s office-based or who plays golf.

3. Rotation & Warm Up Exercise 

This rotation exercise is best done when you’re seated. It’s a perfect warm-up for golfers.

Find out how osteopathy can help you make the most of your golf. Please don’t let pain or niggling injuries affect your game. 

Above all, enjoy your golf!