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6 Tips for Marathon Runners

Your route is planned, training complete, and this weekend the culmination of all your efforts will pay off! Have you enjoyed planning your own marathon route and blazing a new trail? Or would you have preferred someone else to have done that bit?

As we post this article, we’re looking forward to this weekend’s London Marathon, albeit with a different format to usual. The SOC team wish you the best of luck on Sunday and have a few things for you to keep in mind.

1. Dress in layers. Your body will need a bit more insulation at the start of the run and then shed the layers as it warms up. Gloves are a great idea to wear to keep your hands warm, as your legs will be increasing their demand of the blood circulating through your body.

2. Keep hydrated. Yes, it’s going to be cool and wet on Sunday; throughout your preparation you’ll know that you sweat even though the temperature is not hot.

3. Post-race recovery.

a. Plan for a walking cool down, don’t just flop on the sofa. That circulating blood needs some help to clear the metabolites from the muscles and help the body in initiating the repair process; it doesn’t just stop because you stop running.

b. Have a snack with 30 minutes. Simple carbs and protein. Again, to help the body restore some of what has been lost. Perhaps reach for an apple and a glass of chocolate milk.

c. Once your heart rate has returned to its resting rate and the legs are done shaking, it’s time to take a break from gravity. Lay down with your feet elevated, help the body recycle those muscle energy by-products.

d. Time to celebrate. You did it!!

4. Be kind to yourself. Enjoy a relaxing rest of the day. Re-connect with whomever is in your social bubble after so many weeks of training.

5. Remember, the body repairs itself while you are sleeping. Have a nap or retire early.

6. The days after… you just ran a marathon! Give your body the time it needs to repair to avoid injury. Try some low impact activities like yoga stretches or cycling or swimming if that is available to you. Enjoy some active rest and cross training in the next few days.

May the road rise up to meet your flying feet. 😊

This article was written by Jo Hudson, registered osteopath, when she was part of the Shefford Osteopathic Clinic team.