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A Slowing Down

As we watch, life as we knew it is changing and impacting all of us.  And it is happening quickly. Every day now we are watching the news, waiting to see what the next thing is that is going to impact our lives relating to Covid-19.

I think we know what that is.  We are being asked to change our behaviours.  And change is never easy, especially when you have not made that choice, but are having that change imposed upon you.

Be it having to self-isolate, socially distance, work from home, not see family, have the children at home and so on, our lives has changed.

But whilst life has changed quickly, and effectively overnight, we are now being given time. 

Our lives are slowing down, and with this slowing down we now have the opportunity to change direction.  If you are driving a car at 70mph you cannot change direction, quickly or safely, so you are stuck going in that direction until you slow down. And slowing down is not something that we like doing or perhaps even realise that is possible for us to do prior to Covid-19.

Be it 7 days, 14 days, 3 months, we now have time.  And with time there is opportunity. Many of us live busy lives, rushing here and there, doing things because we need to, not necessarily because we want to. We have got stuck in patterns.

But now those patterns of behaviour have been disrupted – which can be scary, worrying, fearful, upsetting. And these feelings and emotions will continue to come and go over the days, weeks and most likely months as we get used to a new way of being.

But where is the silver lining?

We have been given time.  Our lives are slowing down.  We now have the opportunity to change direction.

So what direction do you want to go in?

Wow! Now that is a question.  A bit like when you went to school, or are maybe still at school, or even work. Has anyone asked YOU the question – what would YOU like to learn today?

For many of us, this may be a challenging question and indeed a challenging time.

Be gentle and kind with yourself and those around you as you learn to navigate this new way. Take time. 

  • Take time to be with nature, to go outside – providing you can do that safely within the current recommendations.
  • Take time to rest and sleep.
  • Take time to eat well.
  • Take time to connect / reconnect with yourself.
  • Take time to dream.
  • Take time to read.

Ask yourself the question – What would I like to do today? 

This article was written by Karen Robinson, formerly a Registered Osteopath.