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Are You a World Cup Couch Potato?


Are you excited about this year’s World Cup? At the start of the tournament, there’s everything to play for. Which games are you looking forward to?

As you look through the schedule of matches, be aware… too much sitting, particularly in the wrong position, can lead to a whole host of problems. These include: back and neck pain, headaches, eye strain, muscle fatigue, cramps and stiffness, sluggish bowels and poor circulation.

We have over 639 muscles in our bodies, which allow us to move and to function throughout our daily lives and activities. Unfortunately, each one of these muscles has the potential to become tense, stiff, damaged or over used causing pain and preventing normal function. 

So – sit comfortably whilst you enjoy the World Cup. Just like the professional footballers, your posture is important.

Any aches or pains you begin to feel should not be ignored as early diagnosis and treatment can prevent further injury and prolonged periods of discomfort.

7 Ways To Avoid A World Cup Injury

1.     Don’t put your drink on the table behind you—think about how you will move to reach it

2.     Sit straight in front of the TV—if you are seated to one side of the screen, you’ll be twisted.

3.     Get up regularly, walk around and get a breath of fresh air when the advert breaks come on. 

4.     Be aware of sudden movements when you’ve been sitting down for a long time – such as jumping up when a goal is scored, gesticulating at the referee or celebrating in style when your team wins!

5.     Use Sky Plus, or a similar product, to press pause and have a rest from watching TV.

6.     Make sure your spine is supported properly by whatever you are sitting on. You might prefer to sit on a dining room chair, or sit on a cushion so it raises you up slightly thereby reducing the strain on the back.

7.     Flat screen TV’s are usually mounted in a high position these days. Your TV should be in the correct eye line to reduce risks to neck strain, headaches, eye strain and back strain.

There are so many different sports out there and if the World Cup encourages you to try a new sport or activity then give it a go!

Whether you try something new or are already involved in regular sport or activity, Sports Therapy is a treatment that you should consider – and is used by professional athletes including footballers. Sports Therapy is a physical therapy that can help improve your performance, reduce recovery time after activity and prevent future injury. It can also help with any new ‘’niggles’’ that you become aware of along the way.  Sports Therapy is not just for the sporty types amongst us, all of us can benefit from this treatment. 

Life after the World Cup…

Although we have highlighted the World Cup for increased periods of sitting, perhaps now is the time to review how much time you and your family spend each day sitting: travelling to work, work itself and then hobbies. It’s never too late to assess your posture, alleviated this aches and niggles… and enjoy life!