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Back Pain – Self Help In Shefford

So what can you do help avoid low back pain? Here are some things you could do:
  1. Bend from your knees/squat down to pick up items
  2. Review activities involving bending/twisting: for example always crouch in front of the washing machine to load and unload
  3. When washing at the sink stand with legs apart and lean onto the unit – don’t bend from the waist
  4. Sit correctly – regularly change position if sitting for long periods
  5. Get a chair that fits you correctly
  6. Get work station assessed
  7. Remove wallet from back pocket
  8. Take regular exercise
  9. Don’t do lots of repetitive movements especially lifting and twisting – have breaks or split work load over several days
  10. Don’t stand for long periods – i.e. ironing – have regular breaks
  11. Check your sleeping position, especially your pillows and ensure a supportive mattress
  12. Check driving posture and take regular breaks
  13. Everything in moderation
If you are still in pain after trying the above, give us a call here at the Shefford Osteopathic Clinic and we will check the mechanics of your body