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Become A Sleeping Beauty!

Are you frequently waking unrefreshed and aching?

Are you waking with aches, pain or stiffness?

Do you and your partner roll toward each other unintentionally during the night?

Is your mattress lumpy and worn?

Have you had a better night’s sleep recently in another bed?

If so, then you may need a new mattress or bed.

A good night’s sleep is essential to allow your body to rest and repair. You will spend over 2800 hours a year in your bed. That’s over 20,000 hours if your bed is over seven years old! Your bed needs to be supportive and comfortable, (not hard). On average, mattresses last 8-10 years.

9 Top tips for buying a bed

1.    Decide your priorities and concerns in advance: price, storage, size, health issues etc.

2.    Spend as much as you can afford, this is not the time to buy cheap.

3.    Try a selection of beds and mattress types before you buy, and don’t shop when tired.

4.    Be aware of your first thought when you sit or lie on the bed. If you think to yourself: “This is soft or hard” for example, this is probably not the one for you as you have had a reaction to the experience.

5.    Wear comfortable clothes to allow you to lie on the bed for at least 10 minutes in the positions that you normally sleep in.

6.    If the bed is for two, try it together as you both need to be comfortable.

7.    Buying a mattress and base together might be a good idea. If not, check dimensions as they vary.

8.    Larger beds are more comfortable as you are less likely to be disturbed by your partner.

9.    Don’t let sales assistants influence you and don’t get swayed by advertising claims—only you can decide whether the mattress is comfortable for you!

More advice can be found at the Sleep Council’s website.

After changing your bed, if you still have aches and pains, then it’s time to consider osteopathic treatment for a better night’s sleep.

The friendly expert team at Shefford Osteopathic Clinic has been helping local people for over 18 years. We aim to see you quickly and minimise your pain and discomfort.

This summary was produced by Karen Robinson, a registered Osteopath and founder of the Shefford Osteopathic Clinic.