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15 Ways to achieve tech detox

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There’s no avoiding it – technology is part of our lives. But have we now become addicted and conditioned to it? Could you manage without it? Here’s how to achieve a tech detox – give it a go and feel the difference!

Will running hurt my knees?

IMAGE: Woman jogging

If you are considering starting a new exercise plan to improve your health, running or jogging can be an excellent place to start. Good news! Running will not wear out your knees or make knee pain worse!

Did you know that discs can heal?

IMAGE - thumbs up skeleton

Many people believe that our discs ‘slip’ or that our disc can ‘prolapse’ and that they remain in that state forever. Actually, your body is continually healing itself – you even get a new skeleton every 7-10 years!

Become A Sleeping Beauty!

IMAGE - woman sleeping

Are you frequently waking unrefreshed and aching? Do you wake with aches, pain or stiffness? You may need a new mattress or bed. Here are nine top tips for buying a bed.

The Truth About Cutting Carbs

FI - Blog - Cutting Carbs

Carbs get a bad time, especially when we’re trying to lose weight.  But many people who say they “don’t eat carbs” or that “carbs are bad” don’t really know what they are! Blaming one particular type of nutrient is not a healthy or effective strategy for long term success!

Your Spine is Amazing!

IMAGE: The Spine

How well do you know your spine? It’s amazing! Find out about the three main functions of your spine – and the role of each of the four parts of your spine.

Have You Adjusted Your Car Seat?

IMAGE - Driving Position

Do you have difficulty reversing due to stiff neck and shoulders? Or low back pain after driving for long periods? You may need to adjust your car seat – read our top tips… and be safe.

Does Your Age Affect Osteopathy?

IMAGE - Osteopaths treat older people

At Shefford Osteopathic Clinic, we can treat you no matter what age you are. What we treat, how we treat, and how we assess you will change as you get older. Read how osteopathic treatment can help as you get older.

Sports Massage – The Facts

IMAGE - Sports Therapy

Many people don’t know what’s involved with a Sports Massage – and how very beneficial this form of treatment can be. Discover 12 facts about Sports Massage.