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A Slowing Down

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Our lives are slowing down. It’s part of the impact of Covid-19. We now have time…. is it time to change direction?

Celebrating 20 Years of Caring -Part 1

Shefford Osteopathic Clinic

As we celebrate our 20th anniversary, welcome to the first in a series of blogs giving an interesting look into the history, people and values of our clinic.

What Shape Does Your Posture Create?

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People tend to think of posture as a pose that one needs to hold when doing an activity. There is a different way to think about this is. Think about: “What shape am I creating with my body and how does this affect or impact on me?” What shape does your posture create – and how does this feel?

3 Video Tips to Reduce Golf Injuries

Video Tips for Pain-Free Golf

Watch our video tips with exercises and stretches that golfers can perform to help reduce the risk of getting injured. Don’t let pain affect your game!

Top Tips for Pain-Free Golf

Golfer taking a shot

Do you play golf – or know someone who does? Did you know that golf is a more dangerous sport than rugby?! This year’s BackCare Awareness Week focusses on golf. Here are our thoughts and tips…