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The Impact of Writing by Hand

writing by hand

Do your hand and fingers ache during written exams? Do you know you use 25 muscles when you write by hand? Many of us are unaware of how hard our hands work when we are writing. Like any muscle in our body, our hands are prone to aches and pains if we ask them to …

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Benefits of Moderate Exercise

Title text - benefits of moderate exercise

A new study has found that 11 minutes of moderate exercise a day is enough to reduce the risk of early death. Moderate exercise is things such as: Brisk walking Water aerobics Riding a bike – light effort Dancing Washing windows/mopping floors Pushing a lawn mower Badminton Doubles tennis Gardening The recommended amount of exercise …

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Ensuring Pain-Free Studies for Teenagers

Teenager using laptop

Is your teenager busy doing coursework and revising for exams? Do they say they have back, neck or shoulder pain? Are they struggling with studying for long periods due to discomfort? Extra study as exams approach can often lead to stiffness and discomfort for students. This is due to increased time at desks. For some …

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Is Your Studying Causing You Pain?

Teenager studying books

Does your neck and/or back feel sore when studying for exams or completing coursework? Do you find the pain is making it harder to focus in school, at home or both? Students – especially teenagers – sometimes feel stiffness and discomfort in their bodies during the extra study before exams. This may involve pain in …

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Osteopathy and COPD

Picture of lungs with COPD

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is the name given to a group of lung conditions where it is difficult to breathe air out of the lungs. These conditions include Bronchitis and Emphysema. In the UK there are 1.3 million people with a diagnosis of COPD. Patients with COPD are usually aged 35 years of over …

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Top Tips for Safe Garden Watering

Watering the garden

There is nothing nicer than growing and then harvesting and eating your own vegetables. Ongoing beautiful weather can easily lead to a hosepipe ban. If this happens, how should you be taking care of your body and keeping your plants and flowers alive? Here are our top tips for watering safely, looking after your garden …

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Issues for Breastfeeding Mums

IMAGE - Breastfeeding issues for mums

Did you have upper back and neck pain during pregnancy? Have you noticed it more after the birth of your baby? Do you find some feeding (bottle or breastfeeding) positions uncomfortable? This may mean that you struggle to get comfy, or to stay in a position to feed. This may cause your baby to be …

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Baby Issues When Breastfeeding

IMAGE: Breastfeeding Mum & Baby

Breastfeeding is considered the most natural thing in the world. As a mum you are providing a key food source including vitamins, nutrients and immunity to give your baby the best start in life. It is a special time to bond with your baby, convenient and at no additional cost. Breastfeeding is a skill that …

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Do you suffer with Knee Pain?

IMAGE: knee injury

Does your knee pain stop you from going shopping? Is your discomfort making it difficult to meet with friends? Does your knee pain prevent you from taking the dog for a walk? Whilst we mostly treat knee pain in older adults (over 55 years old), it affects all age groups. There are many different causes, …

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The Importance of Care Before and After Your Operation

IMAGE - Osteopathy before or after surgery

Do you or someone you know have an injury that requires surgery? Have you been told that you need a replacement hip or knee? Have you had an accident that involved you breaking or rupturing something, then having to wear a splint for 4-8 weeks? Are you on crutches after spraining an ankle or damaging …

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