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Benefits of Foam Rolling

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Foam rolling can be used for aches and pains as well as to improve joint range of movement recovery following exercise. What is foam rolling and how does it work? What are the benefits? Find out here.

How To Avoid Tennis Injury – Our Top 12 Tips

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The majority of tennis injury occurs from overuse. As you know, here at Shefford Osteopathic Clinic we believe in helping you continue doing the things you love, so here are our top tips to keep you injury free

10 Benefits of Sports Massage

IMAGE - Sports Therapy

Sports therapy is an aspect of healthcare specifically concerned with the prevention of injury plus the treatment and rehabilitation of patients. Here are ten reasons why you should try Sports Massage.

Headaches – Common Causes

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Headaches are often associated with musculoskeletal abnormalities or disorders in the neck and shoulders.  Neck pain occurs in about 40% of migraine sufferers and 22% report neck pain with headache.

Is Your Wallet a Pain in the Bum?

IMAGE - Spine sitting on wallet

Do you have Lower Back Pain or Sciatica? You’re not alone!  Lower back pain and sciatica are common, with 1 in 6 adults affected. As osteopaths, we regularly treat people suffering with these problems at our clinic. Luckily, both sciatica and lower back pain usually resolve quite quickly.   Do you have Lower Back Pain …

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7 Health Tips To Avoid DIY Injury

IMAGE - Couple doing DIY

With 2 bank holidays in May, many of you will be looking at doing some DIY. Whether it is in the home or garden, injuries do happen, so here are our tops tips for keeping you healthy

Would You Like Less Pain?

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Why an Osteopathic Check-Up is so important… By the time most people seek treatment, they are: In severe pain / Having difficulty moving / Struggling to cope with work or family responsibilities Does this sound familiar?

7 Pre-Marathon Tips for Runners

IMAGE - Marathon Runners

Have you been pounding the streets for miles, in all weathers? Is your diet is carefully planned and all your spare time spent training? Have you had a pre-event massage to loosen up and boost your performance?