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Prevention of Low Back Pain in Nurses

IMAGE - nurse with low back pain

What is the saying – “prevention is better than cure”? A study reported that nurses who had not received any education on low back pain, who remained standing for long periods of time, who performed interventions that required bending forward, who lifted and repositioned patients, and who did not use any aiding equipment during interventions, …

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6 Tips for Marathon Runners

IMAGE - Girl preparing to run

Your route is planned, training complete, and this weekend the culmination of all your efforts will pay off! Have you enjoyed planning your own marathon route and blazing a new trail? Or would you have preferred someone else to have done that bit? As we post this article, we’re looking forward to this weekend’s London …

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Have you got Rhythm?

As the seasons are changing, we are reminded of the cyclical nature of our world. Everywhere you look, there are cycles: night and day, summer and winter, feeling well or unwell… to name just a few, and we respond to each of them with certain behaviours: being active or resting, spending time outside or cosied …

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COVID and Being Overweight

Overwieght man

We recently heard from the NHS advice that being overweight increases the risk of severe side effects or death if you should get COVID. If you are overweight, what action could you take? One study found that for people with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 35 to 40, risk of death from COVID increases …

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Chronic Pain and Medication

Opioid medication

Many studies now show that taking medication for the treatment of chronic pain does not work, and indeed can cause other problems, one of which is addiction to the pain medication.

Our Choices now Lockdown is Easing

As lockdown eases take a moment, and a breath, before choosing to do anything. Knowing and understanding why we are doing things helps our wellbeing.

Vitamin D: The UK’s Quiet Crisis

Over the past few days it has been in the news that public health officials are urgently reviewing the potential ability of Vitamin D to reduce the risk of coronavirus and the risk of dying from it. But what is this Vitamin?

Covid-19 – procedures for appointments and payments.

Covid 19

We will be using 45 minute slots for your 30 minute appointment to allow for cleaning time.  

Prior to having a face to face appointment at the Clinic we will need to carry out a pre-screening assessment over the phone.  This has several elements to it, the combination of which aim to ensure your and your practitioner’s safety and to minimise risk in relation to COVID-19.