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Our Choices now Lockdown is Easing

As lockdown eases take a moment, and a breath, before choosing to do anything. Knowing and understanding why we are doing things helps our wellbeing.

Vitamin D: The UK’s Quiet Crisis

Over the past few days it has been in the news that public health officials are urgently reviewing the potential ability of Vitamin D to reduce the risk of coronavirus and the risk of dying from it. But what is this Vitamin?

Mental Health is Complicated

How and what you are feeling or thinking has a direct impact on your physical health, just as how you are feeling and holding your body has an impact on your mental wellbeing.

Why Wear A Mask?

Teddy bear wearing face mask

We are now told to wear a face covering in enclosed public spaces. Why? How is a mask working?

What is your immune system?

Strong immune system

The immune system is what keeps us healthy. It is always working, often without producing any noticeable symptoms. Discover what your immune system is and how it works.

What can we do?

Man watching tv

We all like to know how and when we can live our lives as a result of Covid-19. It seems that it will be small steps over a long period of time – but what else did we really expect? What can we do?