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Shoulder Pain – Case Study 3 – Osteopathy

A 35 year old man came to Shefford Osteopathic Clinic complaining of a dull ache in his right shoulder/upper arm(around the bicep area). He had begun to notice the discomfort two weeks ago after he was painting his ceiling at home. As the two weeks progressed the discomfort in his arm began to increase to […]

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Shoulder Pain Relief – Case Study 2 – Sports Massage

A lady in her mid-30’s attended with a recent history of frozen shoulder. Osteopathy and ultrasound had helped by reducing the pain and getting the shoulder moving again, but she plays tennis at her local club and felt her shoulder was still weak. She was also getting headaches frequently. Sports massage was used to reduce […]

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Shoulder Pain – Case Study 1 – Osteopathy

Mrs E strained her shoulder 3 months before coming to Shefford Osteopathic Clinic whilst lifting pots in the garden. The pain was not severe but she felt it when lifting and carrying. Over the three months the pain had gradually got worse and she was finding it increasingly difficult to put clothes on, do her […]

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