Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday: 9:00 – 5:30, Saturday: 9:00 – 12:00

Covid-19 – procedures for appointments and payments.

PPE equipment

Safety Precautions

We will be using 45 minute slots for your 30 minute appointment to allow for cleaning time.  

Prior to having a face to face appointment at the Clinic we will need to carry out a pre-screening assessment over the phone.  This has several elements to it, the combination of which aim to ensure your and your practitioner’s safety and to minimise risk in relation to COVID-19.

We are triaging patients and are keen to help to people who have been shielding or who have underlying health conditions.  For these patients we will be offering appointments at the beginning of the clinic session.  For people for who are working and have contact with the general public (such as key workers etc.), and therefore have increased risk of coming into contact with COVID we are offering sessions at the end of the clinic.  We believe that this is the best way of ensuring our clinic remains safe for both patients and practitioners.

Pre-Screening Elements

Please read our Pre-Screening Appointments update, dated 13 November 2020.

1. The first part will be about you, your health, why you are seeking treatment, whether you fall into any of the risk categories currently indicated by the government, and your exposure levels to COVID-19.

2. The second part will be about what changes we have had to make at the clinic and what you can expect from your session.

3. The third part will be about what we expect from you, prior to, during and then following your session.

At the end of this process, if you are safe to receive treatment and agree to how we are operating in offering a face to face session, then an appointment will be booked for you.

You will not need to go through another full screening process to have subsequent treatment sessions.


As you can appreciate, the pre-screening will take time, so we are having to charge £15. An osteopath will be conducting the pre-screening interview.  The quickest way to book is online. You can also send an email request, or phone 01462 811006 where you may have to leave a message to be called back.

We have also had to review our prices due to the costs of extra equipment and cleaning, resulting in an increase of £5 per session.

Covid-19 Policy

We do have a COVID-19 policy which we will continue to review, and you are welcome to request a copy.   As you can appreciate, the situation regarding COVID-19 is changing all the time and we are doing our best, given the current climate, to continue as we have always done in providing a safe environment for you and our practitioners.

Thank you for your understanding of the changes that we have had to make during this difficult time and the ones that we will have to continue to make as more advice, information and experience of the situation becomes available.