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What can we do?

Like many of you, I watched Boris last night to hear what he had to say about any changes that were going to be made to the way that we are being able to live our lives as a result of Covid-19.

It seems that it will be small steps over a long period of time – but what else did we really expect? 

I don’t know about you, but I feel that the government is being economical with the truth and about what we are actually facing, as individuals and a society.  I also believe that they are failing to address a couple of huge areas about our health and lives.

If you look at what has been done, and will continue to be done, then main action is to control the spread of the disease to a level so that the NHS can cope – ‘Save the NHS”.

We will continue to see people being diagnosed with Covid-19 and as soon as the number of new cases of the virus gets to or goes above R-1, any further changes will be halted and it may be that we go back to the lock-down as it is now.

The hard truth is that Covid-19 is not going away anytime soon.

The other hard truth is that we are going to die at some point in time, which may or not be from Covid-19, and that medicine and the NHS will ultimately not save us.  That’s an inevitable part of life.

Whilst we all ‘stay home’ and ‘protect the NHS’, not one mention has been made as to how you can look after yourselves, how you can make sure that you are healthier, and that you already have a defence mechanism to fight Covid-19.

We all have an immune system.  It is constantly working and looking for things that are foreign to us – like the coronavirus.  The effectiveness of your immune system will dictate how severe your symptoms are – which is why many people will not even realise that they have had Covid-19, whilst some will end up in hospital with it or even die. 

Would now be a good time to look our how you are living your life and how this is impacting on your health and immune system? More about your immune system will be coming in another article.

Are you really going to sit and wait for a vaccine? Will a vaccine make you healthier?

This article was written by Karen Robinson, formerly a Registered Osteopath.