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Suffering From Headaches?

More than 10 million people around the UK suffer regularly from migraine or other headaches. Every day an estimated 190,000 people have a migraine attack around the UK, and more than 100,000 people are absent from work or school as a result of migraine.

Headaches account for approximately 20% of absenteeism from the workplace. The hours of work time affected by migraine/headache is marginal compared to the affect on home life and social activities. (Source: headacheuk)

Many sufferers regularly cope as best they can without treatment, or end up self-medicating with over the counter painkillers.

Practitioners at the Shefford Osteopathic Clinic may be able to help you if you suffer from headaches. After a full case history and examination, treatment concentrates on improving neck and shoulder flexibility and relieving muscle tension using a variety of hands on techniques. We may also use acupuncture. We also give appropriate lifestyle and exercise advice.

Practitioners will also be able to give advice about posture –  if you are using a computer or sat at a desk all day, and sleeping positions.