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The Importance of Care Before and After Your Operation

Do you or someone you know have an injury that requires surgery?

Have you been told that you need a replacement hip or knee?

Have you had an accident that involved you breaking or rupturing something, then having to wear a splint for 4-8 weeks?

Are you on crutches after spraining an ankle or damaging a knee?

In any of these scenarios, there will be several things happening for you. If you are waiting for surgery, then you will not be using that joint/area of the body very much – most likely due to pain or loss of range of movement. This means that the muscles may be wasting, becoming weak and in poor condition. You are likely to be using the other side of your body more, so that you can carry on with life – but this will be putting strain, overuse and imbalance into the joints and muscles of your ‘good’ side. If you are using crutches there will be the tension created in the upper body from using them, as well as the issues in the lower half of the body that require their use!

Here at Shefford Osteopathic Clinic, we provide you with hands on treatment and exercise/movement advice. We work with you to ensure you are in the best shape for your operation. Focusing on the area waiting for surgery, we can make sure it is as healthy as it can be, hopefully resulting in a quicker healing process. If we look at the compensation patterns that you are adopting and start to work on those, your body will be able to recover quicker.

If you have had surgery or an accident, check if your range of movement in that area is the same as you have on the other side of your body – how does your right side compare with your left side?

  • For ankles, can you point your toes/pull them up?
  • If a knee, how close can you bring your heel towards your bottom? Can you kneel or squat?
  • For hips, can you cross one leg over your other leg when sitting?
  • If a shoulder, can you reach behind to put on a coat, reach up to a cupboard or reach back and comb your hair?
  • If an elbow, can you straighten it? If you place your hands and forearm on a table with your palms facing down, without moving your forearms can you rotate your hands so the palms now face up? 

Is there a difference between the sides? 

If so, then please do give us a call on 01462 811006. We can help you regain your range of movement, optimising your flexibility and mobility. As well as providing great hands on treatment, the friendly team at Shefford Osteopathic Clinic also offers practical lifestyle advice. Find out how osteopathy can help you to live life!