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Babies & Children

It is a common belief that babies and children should have no structural stresses or strains in their bodies, because they are ‘so young’. The reality is very different. Birth is one of the most stressful events of our lives. The baby is subjected to enormous forces, as the uterus pushes to expel the baby against the natural resistance of the birth canal. As a result many babies may experience discomfort after birth and may show signs of distress, such as having difficulties sleeping and feeding.

At Shefford Osteopathic Clinic, we have experience of treating children of all ages (from neonates to adolescents) for a wide range of conditions. As a baby’s skeleton is softer than an adult’s, the osteopath will use very gentle osteopathic treatments for the treatment of babies and children.

IMAGE - Child receiving osteopathic treatmentGentle soft tissue massage and joint articulation aims to increase the blood flow and stimulate the nerve supply to all the tissues of the body. Sometimes cranial osteopathic techniques are used, which are safe, gentle and non-manipulative. These are frequently used on babies and young children, but are useful for patients of all ages.

Osteopathic treatment can sometimes be used to help reduce the pains which some children feel around their joints, especially if they experience a rapid growth spurt. By using gentle stretching and massage to reduce any tension around the joints and advising on activity and sports, this postural discomfort can sometimes be reduced. For very sporty children who may have sports injuries, a combination of treatment and the correct advice on training and rehabilitation can be helpful.

Osteopathic treatment is used with the underlying principle that the structure and the function of the body are intimately related. If a postural or structural imbalance develops, it can adversely affect the body’s function. For example a knee or ankle injury can result in compensation patterns developing. These may produce pain or discomfort elsewhere in the body. All children will therefore usually have their overall posture checked during an osteopathic consultation, not just the site of injury.

Reactions to treatment are variable, often the baby or child is very relaxed afterwards and sleeps well. Others have a burst of energy after treatment, usually followed by a good night’s sleep. Occasionally children are unsettled after treatment. This is a temporary situation, and usually clears within 24-48 hours. We would love to help, so if you have any questions about your child, please give us a call to see if we can help ad offer advice.

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