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Living Life

As we go through our 30s to our 60s we take on all that life has to offer. During this time we continue to experience huge changes, challenges and opportunities and our body keeps a record of it all. It shows us, should we chose to listen, how we are dealing with our life. Those niggles, aches, pains and possibly illness and disease is your body’s way of getting your attention, of telling you that you need to look at your life choices. Instead of asking ‘why?’, perhaps we should ask ‘how?’ and ‘what?’.

Lifestyle Choices

During these years, our bodies will be changing in response to what we are doing.  We may have a family, in which case women will go through a huge change in their bodies – which is all entirely natural and normal.  We may be bringing up a family, the lifting, carrying, changing nappies of young children, with less sleep.  We may have been involved in accidents, or have had some ill health.  We may be spending hours on our career, be that travelling, working long hours, inevitably spent sitting over a device of some sort. The long hours may mean that we have little or no time for exercise, and food is something that is eaten with little regard in between deadlines and sleep.

How many of us have time for breakfast, prepare our own meals with fresh produce, take the time to sit and eat our meals at a table chatting with our friends or family? 

What is our sleep like, how many hours do we get, is the phone the last and first thing we see?

How are we living our life?  What are we doing?

By the time we are into our 40s we may start to experience health concerns; overweight, high blood pressure, stress, unfit, general or specific aches and pains.  We may be dealing with climbing the top of the corporate ladder, our family may be growing and we may also be looking after our elderly parents or be dealing with their loss. 

By our 50s and into 60s we may think about slowing down, and in a positive way! Pushing and striving is no longer at the top of our list, children have grown up and we may be grandparents.  We can enjoy the slower pace of life and take our time.  The call of the young is that they never have time, life is so busy, they don’t know how they fit everything in… as we get older and retire, we wonder how we did it all! And the answer is: we did, but there was a cost.

The team at Shefford Osteopathic Clinic is here to help you through all your life stages, making sure that your body is working to the best of its ability and helping you live the life that you want to live.  From lifestyle, and exercise advice and hand on treatment our practitioners will offer practical advice tailored for you.  We provide a safe and nourishing environment where you will be listened to and be reassured about your health.

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