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We periodically publish Newsletters containing information which we think will be of interest to our clients.

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Newsletter 1 – Back & Shoulder Pain
Newsletter 2 – Lower Back Pain & Broken Bones
Newsletter 3 – Medical Acupuncture & Massage Therapy
Newsletter 4 – Posture & safety tips for driving
Newsletter 5 – Includes a Posture Check questionnaire
Newsletter 6 – Includes a Backpack Weight Check
Newsletter 7 – Includes information on Sports Therapy & tips for Buying a Bed
Newsletter 8 – Includes information on avoiding back pain whilst watching TV & “Have you got healthy bones?”
Newsletter 9 – Includes information on DIY & back pain plus an article on how painkillers can cause headaches
Newsletter 10 – Sit Less, Move More. Includes tips to help keep you moving to help improve your health
Newsletter 11 – Is sugar actually poisonous? Includes 9 reasons to avoid sugar
Newsletter 12 – 5 ways to avoid lower back pain. Includes news on National Backcare Awareness Week
Newsletter 13 – 7 ways to love your body & what is osteoarthritis
Newsletter 14 – How to avoid Tennis Elbow, Top Tennis Injuries & News from the Clinic
Newsletter 15 – Top Tips to Sit Less and Move More
Newsletter 16 – 10 ways to love your joints; Does cracking your knuckles give you arthritis?
Newsletter 17 – Are you sitting comfortably? Choosing the right trainers; Hot or Cold – which is best? Which therapy is for you?
Newsletter 18 – Be kind to your back, Smart neck posture, Which health app?
Newsletter 19 – 10 ways to love your bones; What is your lower back saying? Are you hibernating?

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