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Pre-Screening During The Covid-19 Pandemic

As primary health care providers we are governed and regulated similarly to doctors. Our guidelines say that we must ask about your COVID status, consider your vulnerability and your risk. We are not told how to do this, and it is therefore up to each clinic as to how this is implemented. 

You must also understand what risks you may face when seeking a face-to-face treatment and have the information to make an informed choice.

Whilst much has returned to normal, we are taking care of vulnerable people. 

When you book an appointment you will be sent a form – please complete it before you attend. Please ensure that the appointment you book fits with our guidelines below.

We will be offering patients who are vulnerable (i.e.those who were shielding) the morning appointments.

We will offering patients who are higher risk of coming in contact with COVID, e.g. nurses, teachers, commuting on public transport etc appointments at the end of the clinic session.

We will ask if you mix with lots of people, return from abroad, feel unwell in any way to let us know and possibly move your appointment.

Why? For example, you may have spent the weekend at a concert having a fabulous time and have an appointment first thing Monday or Tuesday morning.  We would ask that you rebook even if you have been vaccinated.  You will still be able to get COVID, yet would not have symptoms for a few days.  This means that if you had treatment on Monday or Tuesday and fell ill Tuesday evening/or the next day any person who followed you that day would need to be notified.  The practitioner would then need to cancel any appointments they have for the next seven days to ensure that they leave enough time for COVID to develop. This means that there will be up to 30 patients who will not be able to be treated. 

As you are aware, there are waiting lists to get seen as the health care system is under extreme stress and demand, and we are no different. 

We therefore ask that you help us to keep the clinic running by not coming to the clinic if you have been travelling, mixing with groups of people, feel unwell for any reason, no matter how minor for at least seven clear days and with a negative test.

Why if you feel unwell?  When you are vaccinated, you are still able to get the illness, but the symptoms and signs of feeling unwell are less.  This means you may be contagious to others but feel relatively ok.

If you are concerned about this, then please talk with an osteopath/ practitioner.  You can reach us on 01462 811006. We’re here to help.