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Guy Jacobs

As every new parent knows caring for your first born is one massive learning curve. Every cry, grimace and frown you’re racking your brain trying to work out what it can be.  Nathan was a good baby in general but cried intensively after feeding, no amount of winding or comforting seemed to have any effect.  Eventually, after taking advice from various individuals we were told he suffered from colic and that we should try some of the off-the-counter medication to alleviate his pain.   This however had little effect and after a while, we believed it actually made things worse.

We spoke to homeopaths, nutritionists and a range of different alternative practitioners and found that many of them suggested osteopathy.  We were informed that because of a challenging birth, his neck may be out of alignment and causing him to feed in a way that creates the effects of colic.  We were recommended to Karen at the Shefford Osteopathy Clinic and on one Saturday morning drove down for an appointment, hopeful that it would have some effect and take away our child’s pain.

Karen laid Nathan on the massage table and cradled his head, within seconds he relaxed his body and for the first time became truly calm.  Karen continued to work her magic for the next half hour explaining possible causes and what type of osteopathy she was providing for Nathan.  I am so thankful to Karen, from that day onwards Nathan was a completely different baby, calm, relaxed and so much happier.

Nathan is now five and a half and sees Karen at least 3 times a year after a growth spurt, or nasty fall or accident (the normal typical boy stuff), each time he leaves calmer and more relaxed.  I would highly recommend osteopathy to any parent whether their child has colic or not, the positive effects after each session are truly worthwhile.  Anna would also recommend that new mothers also see an osteopath for the alignment of pelvic skeletal area that is pushed out during pregnancy.

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