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Martin Miller

Dear Karen

I am an avid squash player.  I play for Letchworth squash club in the Herts county league and for St. Albans in the Middlesex vintage leagues.  I also play in the odd national and county competition.

Keeping fit enough to play at this level becomes more and more difficult with age, but when I get an injury, it either stops me playing altogether for a period of time, or hinders my level of play.  The pain suffered also takes away some of the enjoyment.

I have had a knee injury for the the best part of 10 years, which has impacted on my squash and I have seen doctors / various physios and even a consultant at a private hospital.  No one has managed to diagnose the problem properly and the injury has niggled on for years.  The only way I had been able to play was to wear a knee brace.

When you joined BNI I was very impressed with your various presentations and thought I might as well book an appointment with you as I had nothing to lose.  I have to say that when I visited your clinic I had no real expectation of any real results.

How wrong was I? After explaining how the injury came about and the type of pain suffered you provided various explanations as to what the problem could be.  You then started a course of treatment and to my surprise, concentrating on my pelvis and lower back and not my knee.

After about 3-4 treatments, I was able to play squash again without the need of a knee brace.  In fact, I have not worn the knee brace since.  Whilst I do still suffer a small niggling pain in the knee area, it is nothing like it was and I now play squash again with confidence.

I cannot thank you enough for the treatment and advice you have provided and I have no hesitation to recommending you to all my friends and family.  Indeed my brother in law has just used your clinics services and he is also pleased with the results.

Martin Miller.   MRM Law – Freelance Solicitor

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