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Online Consultation Feedback

Due to the national restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic, I received my consultation from Karen by telephone. I had developed a problem with my neck and was keen to discuss this with my Osteopath.

Karen called me at home very soon after my enquiry at a time that was mutually convenient. The consultation lasted 45 minutes. She skilfully questioned me taking a holistic approach to problem-solving. Karen made sure she covered all aspects of my life that may have contributed to the issue with my neck. Her approach was refreshing and comforting. We discussed exercise, physical and mental health, complementary benefits and mindfulness. I really felt I had received a thorough and all-round effective assessment.

She ended the session by clarifying an individualised plan for me.

I appreciate the time she gave to me and will certainly contact her clinic in the future if I need to.
Thank you, from Wendy.