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WHO we treat

We treat the whole family ...

We treat patients of all ages and lifestyles, from new babies to the elderly, and very sporty as well as sedentary people. We can help during pregnancy and also offer pre- and post-operative treatments.

You’ll be treated as the individual you are.

IMAGE - Who we treat - Babies & Young Children

Babies & Children

At Shefford Osteopathic Clinic, our osteopaths use very gentle osteopathic treatments for babies and children. We can help babies as young as a few weeks old – as birth is one of the most stressful events of our lives. For example, your baby may hold his/her head to one side, making feeding difficult. 

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IMAGE - Teenagers


Children go through massive changes during their teenage years not only physically but hormonally and emotionally too. Poor posture and mobility problems frequently occur during this phase of growth. Osteopathy and sports therapy can be very helpful during this stage of development, helping to integrate changes, balance the body and alleviate pain.

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IMAGE - Pregnant Woman

Pregnant Women

Congratulations! Pregnancy is a very special time for an expecting mother and her unborn child. Many women find osteopathic treatment beneficial throughout and beyond their pregnancy, helping their bodies to adapt and align as needed. Osteopathy can assist with pain reduction, preparation for labour, recovery from the strains of birth and looking after your new baby.

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IMAGE - Girl preparing to run

Active and Sporty

Whether you’re a serious sports person or an enthusiastic amateur, we can help you improve performance in your chosen activity. Our team treats sports injuries to help you recover as quickly as possible. Our Osteopaths and Sports Therapist are also able to help you prepare for events and recovery afterwards – such as competitions and races.

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IMAGE - Who We Treat - Living Life

Living Life

Whether you’re working, caring or relaxing, our mid-life years influence the conditions and issues we may face as we approach our older years. As well as improving your posture and treating conditions at their earlier stages, Osteopathy can keep aches and pains at bay as you live your life.

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IMAGE - Elderly men on scooters

Elderly Clients

As we get older our bodies need a little bit more looking after. Our bodies become more prone to aches and pains – often minor injury can be quite debilitating. Our osteopaths can help by improving movement, easing stiffness and loosening muscles, all helping the body in its ability to compensate for the changes.

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